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A day like this,,,

Sitting on the terrace, we have fully enjoyed the suns warming rays.

After a day in the city, the actions of acting and observant people in corona times we decide to go home.

We took our coffee, our snack and sat down to just listen to the silence and feel the caress of the sun. Its like a miracle every spring when for the first time you we can really sit outside in a tank top and to 100 procent enjoy percent.

And that in a tank top I got in the mail today from my soulmate in USA.
A tank top that say, I’m a polio survivor and a warrior.

It feels like this day has been quite okay and that it is now allowed to be a little tired and exhausted in body and soul.

There is so much I dislike with Corona, but some effect of it I truly like. One is that a lot of us have slowed down the tempo,,, we are truly enjoying the small things in life. Those moments that usually just pass by without us even think about it. Things that we just do, say, think, see, hear.
Now when we realize that life is fragile in so many ways we see, we hear, we think, we challenge life in different ways. And that I think is good for us humans.






Let go of all those “have to do” or “have to own”.

Live life, feel life and take care of every minute of it.